"Enterprise Architecture is the process to transition from employee motivation focussed management to IT enabled system based management, from audit to governance, from being skill dependant to skill independent."
J Prakash

About J Prakash

JPrakash Consulting is the brain child of Prakash, a veteran with active corporate experience of over 45 years. Prakash’s passion is to ensure that every company has the right architecture in place to thrive.

Prakash is an engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Prakash’s corporate career has seen him in several top management positions, including as CEO of Hambro Nicco Financial Services Ltd, Senior Vice President (finance) at Nicco Corporation and as a board member of Oriental Power Cables Ltd. For the past 25 years he has been an entrepreneur, running his family business.

Award of Distinction

TOGAF Training & Fees

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Pay Fees
March 15 to 18, 2018 Pune TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR
March 22 to 25, 2018 Hyderabad TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR
April 05 to 08, 2018 Bangalore TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR
May 03 to 06, 2018 Chennai TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR
June 07 to 10, 2018 Hyderabad TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR
July 19 to 22, 2018 Bangalore TOGAF J Prakash 83,500 INR

Corporate Training

​​”For corporate​s​, we have three different programs. Apart from training on ​’Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF​’​, we have two other programs namely, ​’Business Architecture is the Business of ​Business​’ and ​’Enterprise Architecture – an appreciation program for CXOs​’. These two programs are aimed ​at ​non-IT executives to appreciate the essential need for the practice of Enterprise Architecture. Somehow​,​ EA has come to be believed as a task of IT, which is far from the truth. Others have a much vital role to play in the design of process architecture as IT ​has ​in the design of IT architecture, which incidentally, only enables the business architecture for the organization to realize the business architecture and the benefits thereof.”


Here’s what our customers, who got inspired and benefitted by JPrakash Consulting, say:

  • Amazing training session. Listening to a theoretical topic and never making us feel bored is something only a good trainer can do. Mr. Prakash Jagannathan was indeed an excellent trainer.

    He answered all our questions and is experienced enough to look into our minds to understand the cause of confusion. It was one of the best trainings we have been part of. The trainer had a strong hold on the subject and highly skilled to relate to the subject problems with real life examples. The way he communicated with the group helped us to better our learning process. Also, his sense of humor kept the environment light and easy.

    Mr. Prakash was the key differentiator for a tough subject. Sharing his practical experience, he made the sessions very interesting.

    Ashwini Vasudev

    External On behalf of SAP Solution Delivery, Training Team
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, not only as a participant but also as an individual, for being able to institutionalize the concepts of TOGAF in a more objective and unequivocal manner than is often practiced. The clarity & granularity received towards the conceptual and practical understanding of concepts was unmatchable. I had taken training with with published sources in the past but this one has been one of the highlights & takeaways even with the twenty year experience with fortune 100 companies. Did pass the certification in colours over 80%...

    The workshop was instrumental in my realizing a constant need to relook & redefine the understanding & practice of TOGAF. I feel privileged to be a part of such an extensive & enriching experience.

    Dayananda Papegowda,

    CTA , LovSoy
  • Excellent !! Admire trainer's in-depth knowledge on the subject, practical knowledge, the energy and the passion. THANK YOU.

    Nithan Rodrigues,

    Director Consulting, CGI India
  • Excellent training. It was more of learning concepts with utmost clarity. This was possible because of wealth of knowledge of JP Sir and also the practical examples used by him.

    Basavaraj Halemani,

    Sr. Consultant, CGI India
  • Though TOGAF training is completed, I think it is a new beginning for me to understand architecture, specifically beyond technology.

    Sudhir Kamble,

    DGM TCS, Mumbai India
  • The training served the purpose as it was topical, interactive and interesting. The examples served well to clarify an abstract topic such as TOGAF. The structure where the participant is required to explain is very useful.

    Keyur Jadhav,

    Director, Ishan Infotech
  • The course material in PPT format was very crisp and made the theoritcal topic easy to understand. Mr Ravi Chandran explained the PPT in a manner which was good and unboring. At every juncture the emphasis was on relating to day to day work and how it can be made more EA centric. The mock exam discussions were very exciting as it was more or less like discussing with architects. A very good learning process used by JPrakash Consulting.

    Chella Govindarajan. R,

    Technical Specialist, IGATE Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Part of Capgemini Group), Hyderabad
  • Excellent Delivery, give a new perspective to EA.

    Ajay Kumar. S,

    VP Technology, Rage Communication, Chennai
  • Interactive, easy-to-understand approach for such a complex topic.

    Rahul Das,

    Solution Architect, Societe Generale, Bangalore
  • It was amazing to have session with sir. Great Experience, Thank You Sir.

    Shubangi Joshi,

    Solution Architect, HSBC, Pune
  • Sessions were conducted in such a manner that we will always remember the concepts & especially will be able to implement in our every day work. Difficult subject made easy & understandable by sir very impactfully.

    Vrushali Devasthali,

    Technical Consultant, WIPRO, Pune
  • Teaching style of Prakash is very good and makes the session very interesting. It was very helpful in understanding EA and TOGAF.

    Anil Kumar Chowdhary,

    Architect, Societe General, Bangalore
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. Prakash's approach to the topics and real situation like examples helped to understand the topics easier and also memorize the content of the subject. Prakash's humourous stories was icing on the cake!

    Squrish Khan,

    Tech Consultant, SAP, Bangalore
  • Excellent Training conducted by Mr. Prakash. It was very knowledgeable and good techniques used to make us understand the concepts.

    Shridhar Deshpande,

    Business Consultant, SAP, Bangalore
  • The content/reading material should be in PPT format, difficult to read 4 PPT page in 1 PDF page.

    "Greatful to have Prakash sir as our Trainer".

    Sumukh Kapoor,

    Development Consultant, SAP, Bangalore
  • The real life examples and analogies were very good.

    Program was interactive and enjoyable.

    Abhijit Kalita,

    Tech Manager, Societe Generale, Bangalore
  • The passion of Mr. J Prakash towards EA is evident from the moment the course starts. If you would truly like to understand TOGAF & EA, would recommend his course.

    Bhavesh kantilal,

  • Mr. Prakash helped me in understanding the course content in a detailed manner. The examples provided are truly thought provoking. Completely satisfied with his training approach and content.


    Deliver Manager, Sofftek
  • Excellent Course delivery.

    Narendra Dharm,

    Partner, IsquireMB Consultancy
  • Prakash, I would say that TOGAF is a dry subject, but as per your training it became easier for us to understand. Thanks for that.


    Architect, Verizon
  • Good training session with lot of inputs. Made me to understand how corporate works and how decisions are made. Well organized training.

    G V Narayanan,

    Sr. Manager, Infra Services, MPhasis
  • The session was truly excellent. This made me to think a lot and change my conventional way of thinking. I am pretty sure I now will apply all these learnings in my work and sure will reflect in my job.

    Anandan P R,

    Sr. Manager, Infra Services, MPhasis
  • You Rock Prakash. Your examples will not be forgotten.

    Amit Rathod,

    TAM, VMWare
  • Thanks for having me in the program. Admire your knowledge, experience and teaching skills.

    Rajesh Nair,

    Sr. Manager, IBM
  • Thank you very much for pouring all your experiences and examples on us to make us understand.

    Rehman Khan,

    Principal Consultant
  •     -
    Clearly understood what an 'Enterprise Architect' is supposed to do.
    JP clearly understands our questions and answers it thoroughly.
    Explains the concepts multiple times.
    JP catches our misunderstandings and corrects us then and there.
    Very valuable session which helped me to think big.

    Rakesh Unnee,

    Service Delivery Manager, TCS
  • Delivered well with Practical Examples. Complex theory delivered in simple and easy manner.

    S. Muthu Kumar,

    HCL Technologies
  • Unless an expert in the field, TOGAF is very confusing to comprehend, Prakash has abridged this concept with real world examples so well that this concept is going to stay fresh ALL times.

    Sridhar Gangenamoni,

    Infrastructure Specialist - UNIX/Linux, Hadoop/BigData & Cloud Computing, US.
  • Very impressive sessions, the examples quoted were very simple and easy to understand; it also helped in understanding the concepts very well. Above all, the session also influenced me in terms of my perspective and approach for my current role as an Architect. Much appreciate and thank you JP for your effort in conducting these sessions, sharing the knowledge and vast amount of experience.

    Unni Velayudhan,

    Solutions Architect, Wipro Technologies, UK
  • Yesterday I appeared for the exam and cleared in both the parts. Thanks to your training style and approach I could relate and apply the concepts to answer even those questions for which I was not very confident.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge to help me achieve the goal which I had been aiming for some time. Your teaching style made this dry subject interesting and finally enabled me to add this new skill in my list of achievements.

    I am sure this would help me a lot in my career progression and I'll be able to apply all of your teachings at my work.

    Vijay Malik,

    Technical Architect, Holcim Services (South Asia) Limited, Mumbai
  • Dear Prakash Ji,
    "Tell us and we FORGET.
    Teach us and we may REMEMBER.
    Involve us and we LEARN"

    Benjamin Franklin

    You have involved every one of us along with you, It was a new dimensional learning.
    We enjoyed your examples and scenarios………………
    Thank you for mentoring and sharpening, moulding our “THOUGHTS”
    Srinath Naddadur - CRM Consultant, Australia
    Phani Pasam - Architect IT Services, CA Technologies, Hyderabad
    Srikanth Talluri - IT Architect, Cognizant Technologies, Hyderabad
    MA Sayeed - Project Lead, Microexcel, Hyderabad
    SK Anand - Consultant, Dialog, Australia
    Srinivas Gadappa - Technical Solution Architect, IBM, Hyderabad
    Vijayalakshmi Gnanam - Oracle Consultant, Datacom, New Zealand

    Candidates attended TOGAF Program at Hyderabad,

    January 2015
  • "Ajnana Timirandhasya Jnananjana Salakaya, Chakshur Unmilitam Yena Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah."
    The gyaan, confidence and character gained in these 4 days is invaluable and truly life changing.
    I am waiting to see you author a book very soon.
    Hope to be in your thoughts forever.
    Thank you Guru ji.
    I will hopefully make you feel proud one day along with my parents and family.

    Srikanth Talluri,

    IT Architect, Cognizant
  • You have inspires us and changed views, thoughts, behavior etc.  I learned a lot in very few days, exam is just a matter to certificate, which I can get easily, but the knowledge what I get from you can't be forget easily. Thanks a lot for making us very special in EA realm.

    Mohammed Sayeed,

    Project Lead, Microexcel
  • It was an awesome experience that I had in last 3-4 days. More than TOGAF and EA, Now I Carry some better understanding of Business as such and how it can best be utilized to empower business. Mr. J.P is an awesome human being and should carry the good work. Wish him best of Luck.

    Ranjit Puri,

    Principal Technologist, Alchemist Ltd
  • This program should be helpful in doing my job today with a different and better approach. Thanks.

    Rajneesh Tiwary,

    Principal Core, Oracle
  • The examples really helped understand key concepts.


    Sr.Consultant, PWC
  • 1. Could relate the concepts with the example that was given.
    2. Appreciate the personal attention that was given during the program.

    Rohan Menon,

    Acc.SC, Oracle
  • Approach / Thinking has evolved – Structured approach.

    Sameeer Vasani,

    Sr.VP, FTIL
  • Nice Experience, very excellent real life examples. Good way of knowledge transfer and explaining TOGAF concepts.

    Muzakkir Sayed,

    Sr.Consultant, Oracle
  • Very good training. Explains the concepts of TOGAF clearly. Looking forward to certification.

    Zaheer A. Mitha,

    Sr.SC, Oracle
  • Going through the contents and explaining them before the start of the Phase which will use those contents. Helped in understanding and relating.

    Fullora Roy,

    Project Lead, TCS
  • Overall it’s an excellent program, eye opener.

    Karthikeyan. M,

    Project Lead, TCS
  • Thank you Prakash Sir for clearing the fog which was in front of me by, Now I have the view of the road in front of me.


    Team Lead, Accenture
  • It’s an awesome comprehensive program with lots of real time examples.

    Nithin K,

    Staff Engineer, Vmware
  • Thank you for making the course interesting.

    Shushank Rao,

    Senior Managing Consultant, Cognizant
  • "Delivery & suggestions have been excellent"

    Surendra Vaidhya,

    Principal Consultant Infosys, Pune.
  • Mr. J Prakash augments​ the EA training skills with lots of experience and that real life experience examples help a lot in understanding the complex concepts.

    Milind Kulkarni,

    Vice President, Deutsche Bank, NY, USA
  • Excellent session. Simplifies the concept.


    Senior Manager, ​Northern Trust. Bangalore, India.
  • Came in as a Technologist. Going out as a prospective CEO.

    Venkatesh Balakumar,

    Director, AMZU IT Ltd., UK.
  • JP's Involvement and passion to conduct the course is excellent. He gave very relevant real world examples to ​explain TOGAF principles.

    Karthik Ravichandran,

    Senior Consultant, Temenos UK Ltd.
  • Dear Prakash,
    I am very happy to say I got my TOGAF Certificate and that too in less than 2 days time.. I have attached the same. If not for your passionate training method, guidance and tips for exams, I would not have managed to take up the exam within short period of time.. Thank you very much.

    I am now definitely a TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect. J

    Venkatesh Thiruvarul,

    Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
  • Hi Prakash,
    I’ve just completed my TOGAF Certification with 40/40. Thank you very much for all the knowledge you’ve imparted. Of the effort that was involved in achieving this result, I can say that 99% was the confidence and experience you gave me and 1% was my own efforts in studying. It’s a great pleasure to be associated with you.

    Venkatesh Balakumar,

    Director, Amzu Information Technology Ltd, UK
  • Prakash, Thanks for your outstanding class and training! I want to take this opportunity to thank for your guidance and support, without which it would not have been possible for me to score a 40/40 in Part – 2 of the exam.

    Ramanathan Balasubramanian,

    BA Continuum Private Limited (A nonbank subsidiary of Bank of America), Lead – Consumer & LAS Architecture
  • Good knowledge driven program. Very good real life examples. I am now confident that I can apply whatever I have learned to real projects/architecture.

    Kedar Baber,

    Sr. Manager, Continuum Managed Solutions Pvt Ltd – Mumbai, India
  • Great training. J Prakash is very knowledgeable. Gave lot of examples and made the content very easy to understand. Coverage was very good. Amazing Training – I definitely recommend it to others.

    Sandhya Vanapalli,

    Sr. Manager, Bank of America – Mumbai, India
  • The sessions conducted by J Prakash were so good and comprehensive that any below average candidate with focus can get the concepts right. His rich experience, expertise and relevant analogies creates a great learning experience.

    K R Maniramnath,

    Asst. General Manager, TCS – Chennai, India
  • J Prakash is a very knowledgeable and thought provoking leader. A generalist who is logical and guides by his relevant analogies based on his vast experience.

    Shiv Shankar,

    Sr. Solution Architect L&T Infotach – New Jersy, USA
  • This course is an eye opener and has set a different course of thinking in me. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Mr. Prakash’s teaching I have completed the exam successfully!

    All the credit goes to you for making me think and encouraging me to perform better. I have to confess the exam was definitely not easy, but you prepared me well!

    Venkat Srinivas K,

    Vice President (Technology) – Rista Moblity
  • The examples were set out with appropriate scenarios that helped me a lot in understanding the concepts.

    Shinoj Sridharan,

    Senior Consultant – Infosys-UK
  • I enjoyed the 2 days of session we had with you. It was more interactive, case study driven with strong stress on concepts and fundamentals than a theory vomit. This really helps me in understanding the TOGAF concepts better and correlate the concepts with real life situations and expectations. The discussions on topics around Governance and stake holder management was really enlightening & opened up a lot of thoughts in my mind and will ponder on this to promote and mature best practices around these areas. Overall it was a good time spent and the learnings will be valuable for my career.

    Ramanathan Balasubramanian,

    BA Continuum Private Limited (A nonbank subsidiary of Bank of America), Lead – Consumer & LAS Architecture
  • Thank you for delivering a wonderful 2 day session on TOGAF principles. I feel it has helped me in a great way to unlearn a lot of conventional culture learnt over years and learn the Enterprise Architecture way of doing things. Your way of coaching, covering all important topics and being focused on the subject is praise worthy. I am sure, I will live up to your expectations on the TOGAF tests that I plan to complete soon.

    Sudhakar Yerramilli,

    Card & Deposits Products Architecture, BA Continuum India (A non bank subsidiary of Bank of America)
  • Quality of the Session 5
    Quantum in terms of Depth, 5
    Clarity 5
    Examples 5 – I would say this was the highlight of the course
    Any other inputs/suggestions Might be you could explore the web medium more to deliver the sessions as more individuals from varied geographies would benefit.

    Sanjay Adagale,

    Mortgage Servicing Tech. Architecture, BA Continuum India Pvt. Ltd.
  • I just wanted to thank you for your tips and advice for taking the TOGAF exam. I successfully passed the test with a 95% score overall. (36/40 on Part 1 and 40/40 on Part 2). I was quite pleased with the result and your comment about looking for the trick definitely helped me out on one of the complex scenario questions.

    Michael D’Souza,

    Senior IT Professional, PMP, MCITS - Unaffiliated (PM, IT Architect, Development Team Lead), Canada
  • When we signed up for the program, I invited 4-5 colleagues from my organisation, not completely understanding how TOGAF would help us. I trusted Mr. Prakash and his promise that it would be a mini-MBA.

    While we all acknowledge that it was a mini MBA, what stood out for me was Mr. Prakash’s grasp of the art of TOGAF. Every new concept that he presented was beautifully applied to a real world scenario and we found it invaluable. We are looking forward to sponsoring more people from our organisation in the near future.

    Pundari Kumar,

    CEO, InfoWave Knowledgeware Pvt, Ltd, Chennai, India.
  • The entire course was extremely valuable for me. It allowed me to understand the framework and how I can apply it to my daily work. I have learned how to leverage TOGAF for our environment. The instructor is very knowledgeable and very interesting to listen to. His experience and enthusiasm brought the material into focus and relevance. This is the best course I have ever had.

    Srinath R,

    Senior Manager IT, TTK pdl Ltd.
  • TOGAF which is very comprehensive in covering Architecture for enterprises requires focus and extensive reading. Prakash who trained me on TOGAF made it so easy to understand with lot of real life examples and scenarios during the 4 day schedule. His innovative method of providing a comprehensive summary on TOGAF on first day with recollection of it across the whole course for next 2 days, and last day was reserved for playback by the trainees.

    Kalyanaraman Rajagopal,

    Head Solutions-Oracle Performance Management, HCL Technologies.
  • I am fortunate and privileged to have trained in TOGAF by Mr. Prakash. Mr. Prakash’s life time experience (over 4 decades) combined with his in-depth knowledge on TOGAF, his passion and commitment has made our training session a satisfying and memorable experience. He has taken us thru a practical industry scenario as case study through out the program that is aligned with each of the sections of the training, made us perform it as exercise and also provided guidance understanding the subject and solution. Mr. Prakash has also given us orientation and tricks to identify suitable solution and answers from certification point of view. In my 23 years of my professional experience, Mr. Prakash is one rarest personality I have come across who is a passionate Enterprise Architecture Practitioner. I am proud to have Mr. Prakash as my “EA Guru”

    Ramanesh V,

    Practice Director, Infrastructure Management, Rolta India.
  • It was a wonderful session we had with Mr. Prakash on TOGAF. With his abundant life experiences and knowledge, he made the sessions flooded with appropriate live examples and scenarios with practical tips. The 4 day training was worth the time spent as he was well organized and covered all the relevant topics on the subject. His Interactive approach made us all attentive throughout. He also prepared us well from the TOGAF Certification point of view. The 4th day, with all of us summarizing and presenting the modules made us all realize how well he has made us learn so much in such a short time.

    He has the perfect combination of Experience, Humor, Presentation Skills, Expertise in the Subject and Patience. We already started practicing EA in our organization and all credits to our tutor.


    Project Manager, InfoWave Knowledgeware Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, India.


“Senior executives across all functions now realize that IT is capable of game-changing innovation and business transformation that can spur revenue growth, get product to market faster, and sometimes generate entirely new business models… … … …. The possibilities created by technology, should spark innovation in business process and product offerings, and data driven insights should help shape business strategies.”. – From an article written by Sirish Chandrasekaran, Robert Levin, Harry Patel and Roger Roberts, all consultants from McKinsey & Company titled “Winning with IT in consumer packaged goods: Seven Trends transforming the role of CIO”.
We offer consultancy on enterprise architecture and adoption of TOGAF. You need to ask the following question to yourself.


Do your board members feel

  • We have spent so much on IT, why does it take so long to get consolidated details?
  • Whenever there is even a small change in regulatory requirements, it takes far too long to realign
  • Why are user functions always unhappy with the delivery of IT? Why are they always suspicious of the integrity of data they receive?
Does your marketing department experience

  • Different data coming from different sources for the same requirement
  • Unavailability of timely data to take proper decisions in the market
  • Too much irrelevant data provided for the most trivial of tasks
Does your finance department wonder

  • Why we did not get the ROI from the IT spend?
  • Why are we always delayed in filing statutory reports with regulators?
Does your internal audit report always speak of

  • A lack of governance on the execution of processes
  • The same activity being performed at different places in the organization using different processes
Does your CIO wonder

  • How does it work with so many disparate systems running on such different platforms and solutions?
  • If there are constantly different processes and solutions due to various acquisition decisions of the board, why am I blamed for delays?
  • Are we spending a substantial chunk of our IT budget on simply reentering data from one process to another?
Is your COO perplexed about how to end the constant bickering between marketing and production teams?

  • IF your answer is YES to any of these questions, then there is a need to look at your fundamental architecture. JPrakash Consultancy can work closely with your company to provide assistance in identifying the areas that need attention. We will act as the mentor to your architecture team in designing the architectural foundation for your organization. We will never suggest ‘scrap and build’ solutions. We will help you to develop ‘creep and grow’ architecture. We will help you realize the value of dedicated architectural and IT investments.


Got any doubts or need clarification? Check out this space for all frequently asked questions.

What impact will this certification have on my career growth path?
  • Let us look at it this way. People join MBA programs all over the world. After the program ends, nobody gets appointed as a CEO of an organization. But doing an MBA makes the person eligible to be appointed as CEO one day. Similarly this certification makes you eligible to be appointed as an Enterprise Architect. Depending on your current level and experience, it could happen sooner or later.
    Based on the subject matter covered by J Prakash and his method of teaching, if the information is assimilated properly, one could become eligible to be appointed as a CEO. Of course much depends on how effectively you absorb and apply what you learn here to your job. One thing is certain, at the end of this program you will go as a changed person in terms of your thinking, your approach and your attitude.
    Take a look at what some people who have attended this course have to say in the testimonials page.
Do we get PDU credit?
  • Yes you do. People claim anywhere from 28 to 32 hours of credit.
How easy is it to pass the exams?
  • Well, if past records are any indicator, when you attend J Prakash’s program, it should be easy to pass the TOGAF exam with flying colours. Take a look at our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say.
Can we know some details about the trainer JPrakash?
  • You can read all about JPrakash here.
    JPrakash has over 45 years of corporate experience. He has held multiple positions in the upper echelons of management in various companies over the years. JPrakash has also helped promote a few successful businesses. He is extremely well read about trends in management, which helps him intersperse his lectures with real world examples. His uncanny sense of humor makes his training programs enjoyable.
How is JP’s training different from other programs in the same genre?
  • While most others train for a living, JP trains to fulfill his passion for the subject. He believes that a well architected world will be more peaceful, more productive and happier! In his class, JP’s primary objective is to ensure that every one of his trainees’ is comfortable and clear about the concepts taught. His ability to give his trainees examples relevant to their own work has made his training programs extremely effective and popular.
Is JPrakash consulting accredited by the Open group?
  • Yes it is! JPrakash consulting is an Open Group accredited training program!
What is the duration of the training program?
  • The program lasts 4 days and runs from 9AM to 5 PM.
Does JP offer consulting?
  • Yes. Enterprise Architecture development, particularly using TOGAF requires mentoring by experts. With his vast experience and knowledge of the subject, JP is ideal for this role.
Why does EA development require mentoring?
  • EA development is both an art and a science. TOGAF provides the science. But, for the science to produce effective and useful architecture, the art of identifying the appropriate Principles, Policies, the Stakeholders, their concerns and arriving at an optimal trade off of concerns is essential. JP has acquired these skills by his long corporate experience and exposure to top management positions very early in his corporate career. JP’s experiences includes the two positions of Management Accountant and Corporate Planner. This exposure has given him the skill required to develop the appropriate Governance Framework to make the development of EA a success.


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If you want to share your thoughts or have any specific requirement, please feel free to drop us a line. We would get back to you at the earliest.

JPrakash, Principal Consultant

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