About Us

“Top-performing companies define how they will do business(an operating model) and design the process and infrastructure critical to their current and future operations (enterprise architecture), which guide the evolution of their foundation for execution. Then these smart companies exploit their foundation, embedding new initiatives to make that foundation stronger, and using it as a competitive weapon to seize new business opportunities. And what makes this capability a competitive advantage is that only a small percentage of companies do it well-we estimate 5% of firms or less.”
– Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, David C. Robertson in their book ‘Enterprise Architecture as Strategy’
JPrakash Consulting is the brain child of Prakash, a veteran with active corporate experience of over 45 years. Prakash’s passion is to ensure that every company has the right architecture in place to thrive. Prakash is an engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Prakash’s corporate career has seen him in several top management positions, including as CEO of Hambro Nicco Financial Services Ltd, Senior Vice President (finance) at Nicco Corporation and as a board member of Oriental Power Cables Ltd. For the past 25 years he has been an entrepreneur, running his family business.
Prakash’s corporate life has evolved from the days of Management Control and System Analysis to the current style of Corporate Governance and Enterprise Architecture. His passion for enterprise architecture saw him consistently engage himself with the subject and apply the theories to practice in his business. This wide ranging and cross-functional experience makes Prakash an ideal person for training and consultancy on enterprise architecture.
From his 45 years of corporate experience, Prakash believes that good architecture is a good strategy. In the modern corporate environment, Prakash sees a lot of potential for digitization in enterprise architecture. Digitization has allowed for systems and processes to take precedence over people, unlike in earlier times when architecture was entirely dependent on the motivational and skill levels of the people implementing it. Digitization today has deskilled the use of the architecture. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is the most widely accepted framework among enterprises, and the most comprehensive.
JPrakash Consulting is dedicated to providing training to professionals from all enterprises (corporate, government departments, NGOs, etc.) in TOGAF, along with consultancy services in implementing TOGAF. His passion for the subject, his hard work, his enthusiasm, his infectious personality and his sense of humor make Prakash the perfect person to learn Enterprise Architecture from.